Our Approach

Scientific studies have demonstrated that early intensive behavior intervention improves learning, communication and social skills in young children with autism.  ABA is designed to both decrease maladaptive behaviors and teach appropriate replacement skills for dealing with specific situations. We provide a framework of services that will provide optimal results for your family and loved ones.


Step 1: Assessment

We do not believe that one approach works for everyone, so you can be confident that our strategy will be completely customized according to your child's unique needs. We will first work with you to complete an individualized assessment. We also obtain parents input and discuss your hopes and dreams for your child. After the assessment is completed, a treatment plan will be developed.


Step 2: Treatment

After the assessment is completed, a treatment plan will be developed for you to approve based on the results and your input. We will always plan and implement a training program that works for your family's living situation and your child's specific needs. Once approved, we will focus on developing a schedule.


Step 3: Schedule

Once the assessment is approved a schedule will be set up. Based on your convenience a BCBA or RBT will come into your home and begin working with you and your child or your child will be seen in our therapy center. We strive to provide your family with the flexibility necessary to accommodate your busy schedule.  Once a schedule is established, we'll start incorporating training. 


Step 4: Training

Our treatment plans are only great if they work without us as well as they do with us, so we incorporate parent training in all of our sessions. We are here to help you, as parents, learn how to successfully manage problem behaviors and teach your child the skills necessary to be a Shining Star!